JOB POSTING: Community Support Worker

Job Title: Community Support Worker – Casual – SCL- Residential
Reports to: Services for Community Living Program Manager
Overarching Expectations
A CSW-Casual has the ability to:

  • work in a positive and professional manner with residents, colleagues, and supervisory staff
  • to put the needs and desires of the resident(s) as a priority during work hours
  • to understand and follow the Residents’ Bill of Rights
  • to uphold the Employee Bill of Rights
  • to understand and follow Nelson CARES Society’s philosophy, vision, and mission.

Required Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Diploma in Community Support Work, Special Needs, or an equivalent program
  • Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Valid British Columbia Driver’s License (no restrictions), Class 4 preferred
  • Reliable vehicle available for work (where appropriate)
  • Physician’s Statement of mental and physical competence
  • Criminal Record Check
  • TB Test
  • Food Safe
  • Ability to perform the duties of the position

Position Responsibilities
The CSW-Casual reports to and works under the overall supervision of the Program Manager, and in specific areas under the supervision of the Residence Supervisor, or with the direction of a permanent Community Support Worker on duty at the residence.
The CSW-Casual is responsible for ensuring the well-being, and promoting the development and independence, of all the residents participating in the program for which the casual worker has successfully oriented or posted into.
On Line Responsibilities

  • Arrives to work on time physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to work.
  • Implements the activities, training strategies, and special initiatives provided in the residents’ individual plans).
  • Assists the residents in all aspects of their care including their physical, social, emotional, spiritual, educational, recreational, and vocational development while promoting their dignity and independence.
  • Participates, with resident(s) whenever possible, in all aspects of household chores and maintenance including laundry, meal planning and preparation, general house cleaning, room management, grocery shopping, and emergency snow removal.
  • Ensures resident(s) receive medication as per: Medication Administration policy and individual health care plan(s).
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  • Remains current regarding events and activities by speaking with resident(s), other staff, reading communication book, bulletin board, resident logs, and calendar.
  • Documents in a timely manner all relevant events in communication book, resident logs, incident reports and any other required documentation.
  • Ensures residents’ safety and well being by knowing and following all relevant policies and procedures, licensing requirements, and emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Ensures that the residents’ rights and needs remain the primary focus of efforts, activities, methods, and strategies implemented.
  • Provides transportation for resident(s) as required in their daily life.
  • Reviews and completes tasks as assigned on the daily task schedule.
  • Understands and follows each resident’s Bill of Rights.
  • Administrative responsibilities
  • Ensures residence scheduling requirements are met by:
    – submitting availability form on time
    – meeting minimum availability criteria as per policy
    – following shift back fill requirements when accepting a longer/different shift, as per policy.
  • Follows overtime policy and procedure.
  • Completes time sheets correctly and on time.
  • Requests time off as per policy.
  • Understands the emergency cell phone protocol.
  • Picks up and delivers documents to the administrative office as requested by supervisor or designate.
  • Carries out any other reasonable position-related activity as directed by Program Manager/designate.

Professional Conduct responsibilities
Follows the Employee Code of Conduct.

  • Dress meets policy, including appropriate footwear.
  • Addresses concerns in a positive manner with the intent to resolve an issue.
  • Follows all relevant policies that guide professional conduct.

Rates are as per the Collective Agreement grid for Community Support Worker, Day, Overnight Asleep, Overnight Awake rates.
To apply for this job, please email a current resume and cover letter to