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Project Description



Nelson CARES Society provides safe, comfortable, and affordable housing to low-income seniors, families and single adults.
Managing 155 units, at five locations, our organization is among the largest provider of low-income housing in Nelson.

Vacancies are filled based on need. Criteria for affordable housing includes:
Income status, those fleeing violence,  at risk of  becoming homelessness, and family size based on BC Housing guidelines.


Single Adults

Affordable and supported living in Nelson’s downtown. Made up of 39 single residential occupancy (SRO) units, three one-bedroom apartments, and three studio apartments, Ward Street place provides low-barrier housing for single adults. A Transitional Accommodation Worker and houses Support Worker help tenants to build life skills and manage their day-to-day issues and needs. Ward Street is self-funded through its rental income, and Nelson CARES Society receives no government subsidy to assist with costs of operation.


Independent Living for Seniors, Persons with Disabilities, and Families

The three-storey apartment building has 22 one-bedroom units for seniors and persons with disabilities; two of the units on the main floor are modified for wheelchair accessibility. Housing is for individuals capable of independent living. There is a large amenity room with tables & chairs, piano, television, DVD player and fully equipped kitchen.

Cedar Grove Estates also has 17 townhomes with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms for families. All units have private single carports and a laundry room.


Room for Families to Grow

This 37-unit family complex has 23 two-bedroom units in the three-storey apartment building and 14 two-, three- and four-bedroom townhomes. Two of the apartment units are modified for wheelchair accessibility.

Located on a dead-end street, it borders on Granite Pointe Golf Course and the City of Nelson Skate Park. Copper Mountain Court was completed in 2001 and features underground parking, an elevator, radiant in-floor heat, an amenity room, laundry room and fenced play area for young children. Older children enjoy the bike park and walking trails at nearby Art Gibbons Park. The property is within walking distance of Rosemont Elementary School and Selkirk College.


Affordable Housing for Singles/Families

This property is located near Lakeside Park and offers a total of 28 low cost housing units. The converted motel provides two bachelor, 14 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom units. This eight-plex was added in 2001. Our Lakeside Place Property also has an amenity room and laundry facilities.


HOW TO APPLY 2017-01-25T20:57:51+00:00
  • Complete the (BELOW) Application for Tenancy form and submit it to Nelson CARES using the fax number or email address on the application form, or drop off at 521 Vernon Street.
  • Applications are reviewed for eligibility and scored according to BC Housing guidelines.
  • To keep your application active, call in to the Affordable Housing office at 352-1608at least once a year.
  • If information changes, call the office so your file can be updated.
  • All applications must have a daytime contact number or email address so applicants can be reached when they’re being considered for tenancy.
  • The application form is designed to collect specific information from applicants seeking affordable housing in accordance with section 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
HOW WE MAKE TENANT SELECTIONS 2017-01-25T20:59:48+00:00
  • When a unit comes available for rent, current applications are reviewed for suitability.
  • Applicants are contacted based on priority of their housing need point score.
  • Tenant selection requires a home visit to assess fit.
  • An applicant under consideration who passes the home visit is invited to view the available unit.
  • A final decision is made and a date for tenancy is set.
ABOUT TENANCY 2017-01-25T20:59:53+00:00
  • All non-program housing units are governed by the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA).
  • Occupancy can begin as soon as the unit is available – rent is prorated.
  • Damage deposit must be paid prior to the start of tenancy. In some suites the tenant is responsible for utilities – in these cases proof of Nelson Hydro Account must be submitted.
  • For all subsidized units (rent is based on 30% of income) a Tenant Rent Contribution (TRC) is determined by completing the BC Housing Application for Rent Subsidy form.


Using our online application form



“You can’t work towards improving your situation if you don’t have a decent roof over your head. It’s a basic need we have to do more to address as a society.”

– Lori Camilleri, Property Manager, Affordable Housing